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Fast Water Heater Company is the hot water heater expert, having installed and replaced hundreds of thousands of water heaters during the past three decades.


What separates Fast from its competitors is the commitment to providing excellent customer service, abiding by all pertinent codes, and installations of the utmost safety. Regardless if you live in a single-family home, condo, apartment, mobile home or townhouse, you can count on same-day installations; just call by noon.


For all residential, tank-style water heaters, we offer free estimates. A skilled technician will arrive at your home with the water heater of your choice, go through a check-list of current local codes, and provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation final price. If you agree to the price, the technician will get it installed right away.

However, if you need to think about it for any reason, the technician will leave you with a free estimate. No pressure, no hassle.

Same-day installations; just call by noon.


To ensure high-quality work and customer peace of mind, all company technicians are background-checked, licensed, bonded, and thoroughly trained to safely and quickly replace and install water heaters. In addition to traditional tank water heaters, we also carry Energy Star units, tankless water heaters, and heat pump water heaters.

We install Rheem water heaters, and are an official service provider for the brand.

When you call, a dedicated installation coordinators will provide you with starting, package-pricing, which includes:

  • Water heater
  • Installation
  • Haul-away of your old unit
  • Fittings
  • Hoses
  • Sediment trap
  • Earthquake strapping 

Your installer will arrive prepared to work, with a water heater ready to install. And, if you’ve been shopping around, we offer a 5% lowest price guarantee, as long as the competing quote is from a licensed professional who pulls permits (if required in your area).

Most importantly, our technicians are local to your area, which means they are up-to-date on all local plumbing codes, safety regulations and regional installation trends. Additionally, we have several warehouse facilities throughout our service areas so you can get hot water back quickly and efficiently.

Call us now to setup a new water heater installation or submit the form below to receive more information.

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If you experience a leaking water heater, it is recommended to turn off the water to your tank. Your water heater tank should have a dedicated shutoff valve on the cold inlet pipes.


If your hot water heater is no longer providing hot water and the tank is electric-powered, check the fuse at the breaker and make sure it hasn’t flipped. If you have a gas hot water heater, you can also check the pilot light to determine if it is still operating. If neither of these simple fixes work, call to schedule a service call with a qualified technician to your home.

how long will a water heater installation take?

Most equipment in a home is going to break down or fail at some point, and a water heater is no exception. It’s no fun to wake up and find that you’re limited to a cold shower or, worse, there is rusty water leaking on your home’s floor.

When your water heater hits the skids, this is something that can put a definite damper on your plans. One of your first questions might be how long it’s going to take to install a new water heater and get your life back to normal.

When Does a Water Heater Need Replacement?

Not all water heater issues demand immediate replacement, but some do.  For example, when a tank is leaking, this is a sign that it’s time to get a new unit – fast.

One of the telltale signs of a leaky tank is slow drip underneath, which often shows up as a trail of rusty water. Ignore this long enough, and it could lead to catastrophic failure and damage to your home, not to mention the impact that the rust is having on your water quality.

How Long Will Water Heater Installation Take?

The answer to this question is – it depends. However, any new water heater should be delivered and installed in your home in one day or less. If you are replacing your unit with the same “type” of unit that you had before, your new system should be up and working in about 2-3 hours.  This generally happens in three phases:


Removing your old water heater (45-60 minutes). This involves several steps, such as disconnecting the power source, draining the tank, disconnecting water supply lines, and removal of the tank from your home.

Positioning the new unit (up to 30 minutes). We will bring in the new tank, unbox it, and put it in place.

Connecting and testing the water heater (45-60 minutes). Once we’ve put the tank in place, it will be connected to the power and water sources. If it’s a gas unit, this could take a bit longer. The plumber will then test it and make any adjustments.

From Inspection to Installation

Your handy service-pro will arrive at your home with a new water heater in his truck, ready to install. The technician will go over a safety checklist and determine if anything must be altered to bring the water heater up to code. We present you with a firm, final cost before we begin work. If you would like us to perform the installation, our technician will get to work on the spot. If for any reason you decide not to proceed with the installation, then we will leave the bid as a free estimate with no charge. A typical installation takes two to three hours, depending on the amount of work required.

Typical issues that add cost include adding drip pans and drains, ensuring the unit is properly vented for carbon monoxide, and calibrating for excessive water pressure.

Before You Install a New Water Heater:

You’ll need to make a few decisions before you install your new water heater, which may or may not impact the length of the install. Since a majority of heating systems last up to 15 years, you may not be aware of the more energy-efficient systems available today.


Ranging from 50-gallon units to tankless water heaters, you’ll have more options than you did in the past. If you choose something different than your current unit, there may be a few additional adjustments involved, which can add to the installation time.

Same-Day Service

If you wake up to discover you’re out of hot water or if your water heater is leaking and you call before noon (12 p.m.), we guarantee to install a replacement the same day (Sunday service available in most but not all of our locations).

Best Price Guarantee

If you prefer to have an estimate done first to make an informed decision, we are happy to arrange an estimate for no charge. And, if you find a professional installation service that will do the same work for less, we will beat their price by 5%.

We do not charge hourly for installations in large part because we try to do as much work as we can before we get to your home. Most plumbers will come to your home and provide a bid and if you accept the bid, go get the materials and the unit and charge hourly for all the time they spend on your behalf. We come prepared to do the work with all required materials pre-stocked in our vehicle.


Water heaters are the most dangerous appliance in your home. For this reason, it’s important to take the installation and service very seriously, installing everything safely to code. This means we pull a permit whenever required by local jurisdictions.

Nowadays, most areas require a permit for water heater installations. The good news is we can pull the permit for you, which will not delay the installation. Several weeks after the installation has been completed, you will receive the permit and can schedule a safety inspection at your convenience.

All service technicians are background-checked and company employees.

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Fast Water Heater Company currently provides commercial installations throughout the Puget Sound. We provide services to major hotel chains, supermarkets, restaurant chains and other commercial establishments and offer on-call and maintenance services for our commercial customers.

We do not currently offer commercial installations in our Oregon or California locations.

How Do I Schedule a Commercial Appointment?
Our commercial customer service specialists can answer any questions you may have about commercial water heater installation or maintenance.

If you haven’t worked with us before, it’s helpful if you have the model and serial number of your tank handy prior to your call (How do I find this?).

For electric commercial water heaters, it is also helpful to check the wattage on the breaker prior to your call and to determine if the water heater is one-, two- or three-phase. If you do not have this information, we can help – but having this prior to contacting us will speed up your service.

Please also be aware that we require someone from your company who is authorized to sign on the company’s behalf on site prior to beginning any work.

Give us a call, or fill out the form below to speak to an Installation Coordinator about commercial water heater work.

Quality Water Heater Installation Is our expertise!

Fast Water Heater Company is licensed and bonded and all service technicians are company employees that are background checked.

In addition, we operate legally in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

If a permit is required, we will obtain one for you and give you instructions for arranging inspection. The vast majority of jurisdictions require a permit when you replace a water heater as water heaters cause more property damage and injuries than any other appliance in your home.

If you have another plumber telling you, “you don’t need a permit” – you should think twice about working with that company. Approximately 80% of water heater companies will replace your water heater illegally without pulling a permit.

Water damage alone accounts for 12% of all residential property claims and the majority of those claims are preventable. The average damage caused by a failed water heater is $4,444. If you do not install your water heater legally, and damage results to your home, your insurance company can (and usually does) deny the claim. By the time a water heater is 12 years old, 75% fail, typically with some sort of leak.

Protect yourself and your family. Only work with a water heater company that is committed to your safety and protecting your property for the long term.

Expert Assistance With Rebates & Specials

Are you interested in utility company rebates? Energy efficiency? Or do you have a large family and routinely deal with a cold shower? Would you like to save space? Lower your water heating bill?

We’re the water heater experts and our dedicated staff is here to help you pick the right type and brand of water heater for all of your needs.

If you frequently run out of hot water or find yourself waiting a long time for your water to turn hot, you might consider upgrading the size or style of your heater. Ask our water heater pros if this makes sense for your home.

In the end, all houses and plumbing situations are unique, and it’s our goal to help you pick the perfect water heater considering price, options and energy conservation.

We Will Respect Your Busy Schedule!

We understand that getting a new water heater is rarely planned. At Faster Water Heater company, we always respect your schedule by arriving on time and getting your job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today for a free estimate and get your hot showers back within a day.

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