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What is Property Management PRO+?

Property managers have enough to worry about each day so water heaters shouldn’t be on the list. With Fast Water Heater Company’s Property Management PRO+ (Professional, Reliable, On-Demand) service, we offer 24/7 emergency service, special group pricing and more.

What’s Included

  • Discounted Pricing for PRO+ Members
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
  • Catalog and compile a list of the water heaters for all your properties

When we inventory the hot water heaters at your property, we add them to our database of more than 30 years of history. When your units hit 10-years of use, we’ll email you alerting you of the age and recommended replacement. Typically water heaters last 8-10 years, so we use 10 years as the benchmark for proactive replacement.

Proactive replacement guarantees your tenants will not go without hot water. In addition, proactive replacment of a water heater prevents the risk of water damage and expensive insurance repair claims to fix the damage caused by the water heater. In fact, we guarantee our PRO+ Members the unit won’t leak, giving you the ultimate piece of mind for 10 years!

On-Demand Service
A tenant without hot water is a stressful situation, especially if the water heater is leaking and may cause damage. Fast Water Heater PRO+ program, is here to eliminate this one major headache and inconvenience property managers face. We will stock the water heaters you need in our warehouse to ensure that in the event a water heater fails, we have what you need on hand to take care of you and your tenant right away!

Managed Services
Every house, condo, townhome and apartment needs hot water. As a property manager, you have no way of knowing which of your units are going strong, and which are ready for replacement. With PRO+ program our water heater experts take stock of your current water heater inventory so you can make less costly, proactive replacements.

Why Fast?
We care! We care about our clients and the quality of service that we provide. Fast Water Heater is the expert when it comes to replacing water heaters. And, we have worked for decades with property management companies so we understand what is important to you.

Fast Water Heater offers special group pricing for property management companies. We will stock the water heaters you need in our warehouses. With 30 years experience exclusively installing water heater and programs designed with you in mind, we are the only choice when it comes to helping you with your water heater when you need it most!

Let’s make your life a little easier and get started today – contact our Property Management Specialist Mike Kirk for more info!

Toll-Free #: (866) 554-2448

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