As a property manager, you’re bound to have your go-to guy when things need a little TLC. Whether it’s the handyman that always cuts you a deal because you’ve known him for decades or the handyman who’s always available for last-minute, late night calls, having contractors you can trust is pivotal if you want to keep your tenants happy. 


That being said, sometimes it’s just important to keep your contractors happy, too. For example, there’s one job that your handyman hates doing—and, as a result, it is much better to leave up to a water heater tech. Keep reading to learn why your handyman hates installing water heaters, and why it’s best to leave that job to the pros.


1. Water Heater Installations Require Dealing With A Permitting Office 

Especially when it comes to water heater leaks, time is of the essence, which means your handyman doesn’t want to spend the time jumping through the proper hoops to get the right permits. At the same time, permits are necessary for reasons beyond compliance with the law. Getting a permit also means that you’ll keep your insurance rates lower by using properly-permitted contractors, which in turn helps to keep your property value stable. Going with a professional ensures that permits are dealt with appropriately and doesn’t derail your work schedule, keeping the city and your tenants happy.


Most of all, in a multi-unit situation, the expense can be staggering if suddenly a bunch of water heaters need to be permitted and brought up to code.


2. There’s Increased Liability For A Job Of This Scope 

Whether you have a water heater leaking from the bottom or a water heater leaking from the top, the leak could be a sign of something quite serious. 


As a result, removing and disposing of the leaking water heater so a new one can be installed is something that poses more than a few dangers. Your handyman may have fallen off a ladder before or accidentally electrocuted themselves, but they probably don’t want to be in a boiler room when your water heater explodes. 


When you opt to work with a professional, licensed and insured plumber you know that they walk into a hazardous situation with a safety-first mindset. Afterall, that’s what they’re trained to do. From the minute they step inside your home, they are looking for potential dangers and have the tools and wherewithal to remedy them. 


When you work with an experienced water heater installer, they show up to your site with a safety-first mindset. This means that beyond just completing the installation job, they want to perform it safely. They’ll even be on the lookout for danger every step of the way.


Professionals like the folks at Fast Water Heater Company know how to manage liability and perform the job safely, protecting all involved parties. This means less liability for you, the property owner and your tenants. 


3. They Have More Knowledge About Rebates


The truth is, handymen in general have very little insight into rebates, energy star ratings or eco-friendly water heaters. It’s a professional plumber’s responsibility to know about all of the currently active rebates in your state. They will be able to help you select the rebate that’s best for your situation and point you in the right direction. 


A professional water heater company is also familiar with Energy Star ratings and other cost-saving features that come from greener products. This means that they can offer you expert advice to help you save money fast — rather than hemming and hawing while they search their phone for the information.


With the pros, these are all natural parts of the job and in the end you’ll be happy to have saved money and selected the most appropriate water heater for your home. 


4. They’re Often Asked To Schedule Work At The Tenant’s Convenience 

When a tenant wants something fixed in their rental home, it’s important that the job is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, turning off someone’s hot water for the installation of a new water heater is a big pain for tenants, meaning that even though they want the job done (and done quickly), they’re going to be picky about when the work is scheduled. 


Your handyman likes to keep normal business hours, too, whenever possible, so working around tenant’s every whim can certainly be an annoyance. 


Professional plumbing companies have dedicated teams that work more flexible hours and are available for emergencies. Here at Fast Water Heater we have a dedicated Property Management division for any rental property related issue that may arise with a water heater. See Property Management service areas


5. It Can Pose A Danger To Tenants And Property If Done Improperly Or Hastily 

Installing a water heater can be a dangerous job if done quickly or incorrectly. As a result, handymen may prefer to keep out of this line of work, as it impacts their business insurance, as well as your liability insurance. 


Nobody wants to burn a bridge with a longstanding handyman over something that professional companies do each and every day. Ultimately, it may be safer for your tenants and your handyman to just call the pros.


Looking for a professional water heater installation company to repair your water heater line leak or install a new Rheem water heater? Call the pros at Fast Water Heater Company. 

We have a dedicated department focused entirely on property managers, so we know how to keep you (and your handyman) happy.

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