We provide water heater replacements 7 days a week (in most locations) and, unlike other providers, don’t charge extra for weekend service. Basic Water Heater Installation: our basic install package includes the draining, replacement and haul-away of your old tank, materials such as flex hoses, gas fittings and more, with a cost between $900-$1,600 (if installed by a professional). The price difference is the length of warranty you choose (6-, 10-, or 15-year). Although there are numerous brands and models, installation and code requirements are a much bigger factor for overall cost difference.

We provide water heater replacements 7 days a week (in most locations) and, unlike other providers, don’t charge extra for weekend service.

We can provide you with a ballpark estimate for price, but before starting any work, your technician will go over a list of all costs for the job, and give you a no-obligation, firm, final price.

Also, the majority of installations require a permit, which is an extra cost, to have a city or county inspector approve the work, after it has been completed.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to water heater permits:

  • Cost can vary significantly depending on where you live.
  • Water heaters contribute more property damage than any other home appliance.
  • Due to CO emissions, installation safety is especially important with gas water heaters.

Today, 90% of jurisdictions require a permit when replacing a water heater to protect homeowners against property damage and potential safety hazards. Although the extra cost of a permit might seem unnecessary to you, if your water heater is installed without one, in the event it causes water damage, your home insurance can deny any claims. Major drivers of costs increases include:

  • Pans & Drains – a water pan is easy to install, but to have any value it must be piped to a drain or your home’s exterior.
  • P&T to Exterior – In California, the pressure and temperature relief valve must be be piped out of your home.
  • Venting – A safe water heater installation ensures CO emissions are properly vented away from living spaces. Including materials, vent work can add significantly to the total cost.
  • There are other miscellaneous issues that are required for a safe installation.

For a home that is 100% prepared for an install, costs can be as low as $700, with a minimum 6-year warranty, but average costs in most homes range from $1,100-$1,400 and for homes with venting issues or significant drain requirements (P&T, and pans & drain) costs can range from $1,400-$2,000, installed.

Other items that can add to the cost include structural work (adding vents to doors) for gas heaters due to insufficient combustion air, or significant electrical work if a home requires new breakers or an outlet to accommodate the heater.

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