With nearly three decades of experience, Fast Water Heater Company has installed countless water heaters all over Moorpark, California. All our skilled-technicians are company employees, background-checked, thoroughly-experienced and trained to efficiently and safely install your new water heater.

Whether you’re replacing a leaking unit, being proactive and installing a new model, or switching to a tankless water heater, our skilled technicians can answer all your questions and, if you call by noon, install your new water heater the same day you call us.

Our technicians are local to the area, which means they are up-to-date on all local plumbing codes, safety regulations and inspector preferences.

We install Rheem water heaters, and are the official Rheem service provider for Moorpark, CA.

My Hot Water Heater Is Leaking

Generally, when a hot water heater leaks, it’s time for a replacement. Over time, minerals that naturally occur in your water will create deposits or corrosion that can crack the glass lining of the water heater tank. Note if your tank is self-cleaning or not; water heaters with self-cleaning tanks should last longer and are less-susceptible to glass cracks and leaks.

If your water heater is leaking from one of the connections or valves, it may be repairable. So it’s important to note where your heater is leaking when assessing if a repair or replacement is appropriate for your situation.

My Hot Water Heater Is Not Producing Hot Water

There are many reasons why your water heater has stopped making hot water. If your heater is electric, or a gas-powered unit with an electric igniter, a power outage will stop our heater from working. Similarly, if it’s electric, double-check the breaker and make sure it hasn’t flipped.

Most water heater service calls are to replace a thermocouple or pilot light assembly. However, once your water heater gets to about eight years old, repairing the unit can end up costing you more than replacing it. A typical water heater will last 8-12 years. If the unit is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer for free parts. If it’s out of warranty, we recommend replacing it to avoid paying for costly labor in what could be the units last days.

Moorpark Water Heater Replacement

We look forward to helping you in Moorpark, California. Please keep in mind, while we can quote you a starting price over the phone, we are not able to give a final price until a technician is at your home and can see your unique setup. If you’re happy with the final price, your technician will get to work immediately. But due to this uncertainty, our appointments are no cost and no obligation free estimates.

Give us a call or fill out the form below to receive more information about a Moorpark water heater replacement or installation.

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