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If your shower isn’t getting hot, you’re quickly running out of hot water. However, if your water heater is leaking, call us immediately to set up a service call. You likely need your water heater to be replaced. Our helpful Replacement Coordinators will troubleshoot your problem, send out an experienced technician, and make sure you get your hot water back as quickly and painlessly as possible.

It’s important to have your existing water heater model number and serial number handy when calling, so we can find important product information about your heater, such as an applicable warranty, age, size and more.

Water heaters work constantly, heating and distributing water throughout your home, from faucets to showers and washing machines. Typically, people only think about their water heater twice in its lifetime; when it’s first installed and if it fails and must be replaced.

However, like any other household appliance, they may require repairs or maintenance from time to time. Usually water heater repairs are simple; replacing a thermocouple, draining sediment, etc., and these parts may be covered under the original warranty.

On average, a standard tank water heater will last eight to twelve years. If a unit is more than eight years old, we generally recommend customers consider replacing, rather than repairing the hot water heater as it usually makes more economic sense.

Because tankless water heaters heat water “on demand” or as it’s needed, they don’t undergo the same wear and tear as standard units. As a result, they can last twice as long as a standard unit. If you water is very “hard” or has a high mineral content, you should consider flushing your tankless heater regularly.

If you’re experiencing any issues, give us a call to discuss what your options are for replacing your water heater.


As your local water heater replacement experts, reviews are the gas that drives our engine. The most important thing for us is your satisfaction. If you have water heater issues or are contemplating replacing your water heater, call us today.

“Our water heater started leaking Saturday morning. Finally found a company that would come out. Brandon C called 30 minutes before showing up. He showed up around 9am Easter Sunday morning. We had hot water by noon. Brandon went over the work that was needed and once I agreed he went to work. He did a professional job and when complete everything was properly connected. We didn’t have a pressure tank installed so had to add that. He also fixed the plumbing problems that were introduced when I installed the last water heater. When he was all done he even helped me put the cabinets back in the pantry where the water heaters installed. Great job.”

B.W.Water heater Portland

“I was really impressed with the quick turnaround and quality workmanship for this job. The technician (Matt S) was an awesome guy and did a really thorough job, even walking me through the details of the installation, and post “in case of a future emergency” list of things to address. Overall, a really solid company to work with.

I came home from Vegas to a flooded basement, and the next MORNING, I was taking a hot shower.

I’d totally recommend Fast Water Heater, and of course, Matt too!”

Darryl T.Fast Water Heater Facebook