What Is the Most Reliable Hot Water Heater Brand?

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A steady supply of hot water is essential for many households. From cooking to cleaning and bathing, we rely on hot water in our daily activities. That’s why having a reliable hot water heater is a must. But with so many options out there, how do you know which brand to trust? What is the […]

Leaking Water Heater? What To Do If You Notice A Water Heater Leak

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Your water heater plays an important role in your home. As such, if something goes wrong with it, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible to keep your house in working order. This is especially true if you’re a property manager who may have multiple tenants counting on them to keep their […]

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters: The Eco-Friendly Option That Will Save You Money


If you’re looking for a way to save money on your next water heater, you may have considered an eco-friendly water heater. Not only are eco-friendly water heaters such as the hybrid heat pump water heater good for the environment, but they also save you money. Who doesn’t like that winning combination?   However, just […]

Why Your Handyman Hates Installing & Repairing Water Heaters

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  As a property manager, you’re bound to have your go-to guy when things need a little TLC. Whether it’s the handyman that always cuts you a deal because you’ve known him for decades or the handyman who’s always available for last-minute, late night calls, having contractors you can trust is pivotal if you want […]

Rental Property Plumbing Emergencies: Take These Steps To Avert A Disaster


As a property manager, plumbing emergencies such as a water heater leaking are some of your worst nightmares. Not only are these sorts of plumbing issues a nuisance for tenants to deal with, they may pose a risk to your ability to maintain your lease agreement and protect your property from further damage. Old, worn […]

7 Common Water Heater Questions Answered

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Just because your home has a hot water heater doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand all the ins and outs of how they work. At the same time, in order to be a responsible homeowner, you should have a basic understanding of when to call in the professionals if something is going wrong with your […]

Water Heater Installation 101: Cost and How to Best Prepare

Water Heater Installation 101: Cost & Preparation If you’re dealing with a water heater line leak or you have a hot water heater leaking from the bottom, it’s most likely time for a replacement. A water heater that requires constant fixes may often cause you more money and stress in the long run than a […]

Poor Vendor Communication? Ditch Your Old Vendor For A New One

Poor Vendor Communication? Ditch Your Old Vendor For A New One As a busy property manager, there’s nothing worse than having your time wasted. No property manager likes reviewing rental applications from renters who haven’t followed basic instructions,  no property manager likes chasing down tenants for rent, and no property manager likes losing half of […]

The Difference Between Tankless & Standard Water Heaters

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TANKLESS & STANDARD WATER HEATERS Your water heater plays an important role in your home, but you likely haven’t given it much thought. As the name suggests, your water heater is responsible for making sure that you have access to warm or hot water to do the laundry, wash dishes, wash your […]

5 Maintenance Tips To Increase The Longevity Of Your Water Heaters

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5 MAINTENANCE TIPS TO INCREASE THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR WATER HEATERS When it comes to taking care of your property, one of the things you have to remember to do is take proper care of all of your house’s major appliances and plumbing fixtures. This includes important systems like your HVAC system as well as […]