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Wast Bay Water Heaters

Fast Water Heater Company frequently partners with utility companies around the East Bay to offer savings on more energy efficient water heating solutions, in the form of rebates.

These rebates are great because the water heaters utilize energy more efficiently, and save you money as a result.

Check below for water heater specials and rebates in the greater East Bay area:

    • Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) Water Heater Rebates
      • PG&E offers a $200 rebate for gas storage water heaters with an efficiency rating of .67 or more.
      • PG&E offers a $500 rebate for electric heat pump water heaters with an efficiency rating of 2.0 or more.
        • To be eligible for either of the rebates, the water heater must have a capacity of at least 40 gallons
        • Tankless water heaters do not qualify
      • Learn more about PG&E Water Heater Rebates.
    • Sacramento Municipal Utility Department (SMUD) Water Heater Rebates